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         My name is Danny Conetta and I'm a full time professional Fire, Pyro & Circus Performer based in Somerset, UK. Recently married, my partner 'Bryony' and I work together with the aim of providing the very best in Fire Show entertainment. 

     How did you become a fire performer? 

Many years ago I watched a friend spinning fire at a BBQ party and was instantly hooked. The noise, the movement and the thrill of watching the visuals was intoxicating. After many years of practice, burns & professional training, I finally started professionally performing fire in 2014. 

    Do you eat fire?

Yes!! Over the years I've mastered 17 different dangerous fire & pyro props & skills ready at my disposal to 'WOW' and amaze. My performances combine comedy, dance, showmanship & crowd interaction to create an unforgettable experience. I constantly strive to improve with future ambitions in broadening this skill set further!

   Do you burn yourself?

Yes. It's part of the job.

Due to this, I take safety very seriously to ensure that myself & my art form is both safe & enjoyable to behold. I have a specialised performers public liability insurance of £5million, health & safety/risk assessment training, first aid qualifications and a certificate in 'Fire Safety within Flowarts'. My partner 'Bryony' also acts as 'Fire Safety Marshal' during each of these Fire Shows to ensured safety and show fluidity. 

Thank you so much for reading!

I'd love to chat with you further, please feel free to get in touch. 

Props / Skill set list:- 


- Fire Eating          

- Fire Breathing

- Juggling Clubs (3)

- Contact Staff 

- Double Staff 

- Juggling Staff (3) 

- Dragon Staff

- Poi

- Rope Dart

- Contact Sword


- Lycopodium Torches

- Fire Bubbles

- Fire Enhancing Powders (FEP)

- Fountain Firework Staff (BOOM Stick)

- Fountain Firework Poi (BOOM Poi) 

- Fountain Firework Dragon Staff (BOOM Dragon)

- Charcoal Poi & Staff 

LED / Circus

- LED Juggling Balls (3)

- LED Juggling Clubs (3)

- LED Poi

- LED Staff

- Contact 'Crystal Ball' Juggling

Pictures and descriptions of all the fire and pyrotechnical props are featured below. 

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Manipulating fire & burning vapours using only your mouth.

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